"Quidquid latine dictum, sit altum videtur." Est. MMXVI


Home of the premiere institution of higher learning for casual Legacy, Modern, and Vintage MTG.
Though not a formal Eternal Format, we believe Modern is a starting point for many Magic players who wish to move beyond Standard and Limited events and begin to explore Magic's deeper history. Thus, we focus many of our efforts at this time into Modern in order to begin channeling our players towards earlier sets of Magic.​
The very reason this channel exists. The format of Magic that best explores its complete history while not allowing cards whose power broke the game before it ever took off.

This format we believe allows for maximal, unbridled creativity, and we wish to foster that spirit of Legacy not as an elite format, but of one with unparalleled opportunities for deck creation.
Memory lane meets empty wallets. Like Legacy except with no bannings for power level, Vintage truly is Magic in its most complete form.

Often with proxies allowed, Vintage is rarely the first-turn combo that wins the game, but rather the delicate game of balance between playing both with and against Magic's greatest cards. One misplay is often the determiner of the match.

Christian Camargo, MD

Founder & Dean of the Mirrodin Institute of Technology

Welcome from the Dean! ​​

From Miami, Florida, we wish to welcome you to the online hub of the Institute. 

We at the Institute dedicate ourselves to promoting Eternal Formats of the TCG (Trading Card Game) Magic; the Gathering. We accomplish this goal by hosting and streaming tournaments, creating casual and friendly environments, and encouraging original and unique deck design as well as fostering of creativity. 

Please be sure to visit our main social media site on TWITCH for our livestreams, as well as our main social media hub on TWITTER to stay up to date with the Institute!


  1. Executive Director
    Don Donelson, JD
    Dean of the Mercadia Business School
    Dean Donelson's mastery of Legacy goes far beyond his renowned expertise in Death & Taxes. He has played an active role in the development of skill and high-level play of various South Florida Legacy players.
  2. Executive Director
    James Mendez
    Dean of the Faculty of Cards and Sciences
    Dean Mendez specializes in the Maverick deck, and shares his passion with students and faculty by teaching strategies. He is the other half of the streaming equation, and his engineering background does not hurt!
  3. Executive Director
    David Hernandez
    Head Custodian
    Our self-appointed sanitation engineer is our resident Commander expert, and enjoys brewing across various formats. Can often be found playing & brewing Modern when he is not owning the 100-card singleton format.
  4. Executive Director
    Kevin Zheng
    Professor of Finance and Trades
    Professor Zheng is the master procurer for the collections at the Institutes Alexandria Library. He can be found engaging in high-end trading, and assisting students with building their dream decks affordably.
  5. Executive Director
    Nicholas Liaw, MD, PhD
    Professor of Old School Studies
    Professor Liaw has a unique perspective in the current game environment-- having only played magic between 1995 through 1999. His fond recollection, great memory, and sharp mind allow him to go toe-to-toe with opponents using cards unknown to him.
  6. Executive Director
    Cristian Aguilar
    Professor of Modern Studies
    Professor Aguilar specializes in the Merfolk deck, and has taken this deck to great success across both the Modern and Legacy formats. He hopes to continue to bring Merfolk to prominence regardless of the format.
  7. Executive Director
    Alvaro Silva
    Professor of Legacy - TEXAS Campus
    GIS tech with an MTGhabit. Found near, #Python, #tempostrategies, #deathandtaxes. See also: Guinness beer, Sensei's divining top, sports and good coffee.
  8. Tye Bol
    Professor of Legacy - TEXAS Campus
    If we ever track him down, we'll see what he wants to say! Last I heard he was still trying to make Phyrexian Dreadnaught work...